Earrings as an Fashion Statement

Earring, is a quintessential way to make a style statement for various occasions. Considered to be most preferred jewel, earrings are highly preferred as it gives a glamour to your entire look including the outfit that you are planning to wear. Do not restrict yourself to certain pair of earrings, you need to keep experimenting as earrings are one of those jewels that can look good on anything and everything. A pair of earrings can define your entire look so what are you waiting for? It’s the time to add new collection of earrings as after reading this blog you cannot resist yourself from the from buying the below mentioned various types of earrings. Check out the list below;

Threader Earrings

Also know as Ear string and Earth Reader, Threader Earrings are designed beautifully with a thin chain that can easily slip into the hole of ears and chain will be attached with a pearl stud or beads on it hanging down from one end. Being light-weighted, these earrings are easy to wear for a all long day event. And it goes well with both Indian and western outfits which is another reason for you to buy these without even a second thought.

Earrings with ear cuffs

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Ear cuffs are highly preferred by fashionistas as ear cuff can be worn in different styles such as it can start from the middle and go down to the earlobe or it can cover the entire length of the ear curve from top to bottom.  Earrings with ear cuffs coming with unique designs are the coolest one to own. And are also available in different shapes and sizes so you can choose the right ones for yourself.


Jhumkis are the evergreen piece of earrings that are available in never ending styles like layers of latkhans, engraved with silver, pearl or simple subtle multi coloured drop ones. Available in several colors, Jhumkis are the best ones to be worn on any kind of traditional outfits.


Ear studs in itself makes a classy statement. Studs are the iconic piece of jewel. Being the most classic type, ear studs comes in different shapes, designs and sizes. If you like things to be kept simple, the ear studs are the ideal ones for you which can be worn on casual days as well as on several occasions. These studs will definitely make you look stylish.

And here the list ends, the above-mentioned are undoubtedly the amazing ones and are always in fashion that you can pair with almost everything. Wanting to know more about fashion and jewels? Then, stay connected to us. Thank you.

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