Top Jewelry Brands In India

Jewellery is an important pride for every Indian woman since ages, for every occasion or any event Indian women wear traditional jewellery to enhance their beauty and outfit. There are some precious metals like Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum which are very costly and women in India love to wear them the most. As manufacturers, there are so many on going jewelry on sale at kohls which sells world-class products in their respective stores in various parts of the city. Let us check out some of the best brands for jewelry in India below:

  • Amrapali Jewels:

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Amrapali Jewels is a Jaipur based jewellery house which was founded in the year 1978, this brand is known as one of the largest makers of luxury Jewelry in India. This brand is named after a famous Indian muse Amrapali and the jewellery house consists of traditional craftsmanship with heritage touch in all of their designs. They have the speciality of manufacturing Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewelry with all the unique designs you can get anywhere in India. All the collections are exclusively available in their respective Amrapali stores anywhere in India.

  • Kalyan Jewellers:

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A well-known brand with more than 122 stores in India Kalyan Jewellers is one of the leading best jewelry brands in India. Known for their unique designs comes with a combination of traditional feel and modern touch Kalyan Jewellers is promoted by living legend Amitabh Bacchan. For the wedding seasons, they have introduced muhurat range of pure Gold, Diamonds and other handcrafted Jewelry. Their dancing diamond collection known as Glo is a special innovation where suspended diamonds within the jewellery pieces ‘dance’ hypnotically and increase the beauty of jewelleryn and you can even try for international brands like Kohls  since they have exclusive jewelry on sale at kohls.

  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds:

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Promoted by Kareena Kapoor from Bollywood the Malabar Gold and Diamonds was founded in 1993 in Kerala and has almost 210 Showrooms across 9 countries. This brand is known for its exclusive collection of comprehensive bridal collection for south Indian brides as well as for the brides from across rest of India. From stylish ethnic Gold, Diamond or Platinum jewellery for any traditional occasions, daily wear, office wear, etc they have a wide collection of jewellery to choose from.

The above mentioned were the best jewelry brands in Indiaif you are planning to buy any for you or your loved ones then you must try out all the jewelry brands that are mentioned above. Hope you liked the article and the information we have provided.

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