Wedding Outfit color combinations

Why should girls have all the fun? Be it a casual day, festive season or the wedding day, girls are been more pampered when compared to the boys. Now, in this era girls lead the boys in every aspect be it business or fashion. Its wedding season and if you are the to be bride-groom then I would suggest you to give a tough competition to your bride to be when it come to the wedding outfits. If your planning for contrast-based wedding outfits, then give your bride the privilege of opting her outfit first and I’m sure that after reading this article you would know exactly about what color you need to pick for that would give a healthy competition to your bride. Take a look below;

Bridegroom attire Colors that go with red lehengas

For the authentic red lehengas, the maroon sherwani would be the perfect combination as these colors’ gels well with each other. And if you are not into bright colors then you could opt for opt for an off white or a black sherwani. All the three colors would go extremely well with red lehengas giving a complete royal look to the couple.

Bridegroom attire colours that go with burgundy lehengas

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Burgundy lehengas are the most quintessential one and if your bride to be is opting for a burgundy lehenga then be ready to see the most beautiful bride but do not forget that you need to reach up to her mark and so, colours that go with burgundy lehengas are Baby pink and Beige. You can break the stereotype that pink is a girl’s color by choosing this one for your outfit. The elegance of baby pink attire would look fabulous when paired with a burgundy lehenga.

Bridegroom attire Colours that go with mint green lehengas

Not many brides would want to experiment with their wedding outfits but if your bride to be who wants to set a trend while opting for pastel colors and breaking the tradition of wearing bright colors then as a bridegroom you should support her well. Mint green lehengas are the most recommended pastel color lehengas and the colours that compliment mint green is beige and bottle green.

Hope, this blog has helped you to pick the right colors that would compliment well to your bride to be on the wedding. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for visiting.

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